22 February 2019

Five Ties Every Man Should Own

“A well tied tie is the first serious step in life.”

-Oscar Wilde

Some garments have the ability to transcend fashion and stand the test of time, retaining their style while remaining versatile. The necktie is no exception. A carefully curated selection of quality ties – the perfect accompaniment to any tailored suit – can make all the difference to your wardrobe. We’ve put together our five must have ties that every gentleman should own as part of his sartorial armoury.

Five Ties Every Man Should Own Benson & Clegg

1. Navy Grenadine Tie

Navy Grenadine Tie Benson & Clegg

A plain navy tie is a versatile choice. Its solid colour allows you to match it with most patterns and colours and has the ability to be paired with both formal tailoring or casual jacketing. The unique weave of our grenadine silk tie allows you to bring character and texture to your outfit without being overly obtrusive.


2. Stripe Tie

Classic Stripe Tie Benson & Clegg

Regimental, college or club – the stripe tie is classic that never goes out of style and is synonymous with classic British style. The strong diagonal lines allow it to be combined with most patterns, bringing strength and structure to your outfit.


3. Knitted Tie

Knitted Silk Tie Benson & Clegg

We love the knitted silk tie in burgundy due to its versatility. Thanks to its texture it can be worn with anything, from tweed or a casual sports coat to a formal suit in grey or navy, adding texture and depth to your outfit. Pair it with a pocket square in deep green to complete the look.


4. Spotted Tie

Spotted Silk Tie Benson & Clegg

A navy spotted tie is probably the most formal of our picks. Exquisitely elegant and decidedly English, this is the ideal choice when dressing for a formal occasion such as a wedding or Royal Ascot. Wear with a cutaway collar and white linen pocket square for a refined look.


5. Ancient Madder Tie

Ancient Madder Silk Tie Benson & Clegg

With muted colours and simple patterns, this is a classic menswear staple that can be worn with anything. Our Teardrop Ancient Madder silk tie has a subtle pattern while remaining elegant and the wonderfully smooth finish allows for a beautiful drape.