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Permanent Style

Nishiguchi's Closet By Shuhei Nishiguchi


A how-to-dress guide from Shuhei Nishiguchi, menswear director at Beams. 

This book is a personal guide by Nishiguchi to his wardrobe, with him taking a small selection of pieces and demonstrating how they go together. 

The result is 100 outfits, presented as flat-lay pictures, interspersed with illustrations of all the pieces in each category. 

Simon Crompton says: "The book rationalises a lot of the outfits I’ve seen Shuhei wearing over the years. This kind of rationalisation appeals to me instinctively, but it also made it easier for me to apply the outfits to my own wardrobe."

The book also includes explanatory sections, where Shuhei shows how ties the belt of his trench coat, or his favourite trouser/shoe combinations.