Mark Gordon

Managing Director
Royal Warrant Holder

After graduating Queen Mary University of London with a degree in politics, Mark joined the Metropolitan Police as an Intelligence Analyst. Passionate about English luxury goods and keen to promote traditional businesses he then moved to Benson & Clegg as a company director with responsibility for business development. In 2014 he took joint ownership of the business and currently serves as Managing Director.

“To lead a company of such heritage and prestige is one of the greatest honours of my career. I am dedicated to ensuring we remain true to our time honoured values of craftsmanship and quality in offering our customers the impeccable English wardrobe”.

Barry Austin

Company Director

Barry started his career in the automotive business, though quickly excelled to focus on business and commercial matters. He brought these skills to Benson & Clegg back in 1993, and was made a company director in 1998. Barry is now a joint owner of the business and leads our custom order department.

“I love working with customers on their bespoke tie, cufflink and badge designs. It’s fantastic to turn those initial design ideas into wonderful custom made accessories that will be an integral part of people’s wardrobe for years to come”.

Oliver Cross

Head Cutter

Inspired to join the artisanal craft of tailoring since the age of seventeen, Oliver has advanced his skills at a tremendous rate to become one of Savile Row’s most distinguished and respected cutters. Oliver spent many of his formative tailoring years at Meyer & Mortimer under the watchful eye of his mentor, Savile Row’s renowned cutter Malcolm Plews. Having honed his craft over these many years, Oliver is now Head Cutter, working from his cutting board in the tailoring lounge at 9 Piccadilly Arcade.

“After many years in the business, my passion for this trade only increases with each passing day, with every commission being creatively inspiring. For me each garment is a labour of love. Each creation has different objectives, styles and functional features, and it’s my job to deliver the customer the best look possible”.

Ahmed Miri

Coat Maker

Born in France, Ahmed begun learning tailoring at the age of 16 from his father who ran his own tailoring shop in Paris. His interest developed through the world of fashion and after working with many top designers in France he decided to come to the UK in 1990, for what he thought would be a short stay. The love of British tailoring took hold and he remained here working for Huntsman for several years, before making the move to Benson & Clegg where he is now an expert coat maker.

Nang Luong

Coat Maker

Born in Viet Nam, Nang learnt his craft in his mother country from his Aunt, herself an expert seamstress. In 1983 he decided to venture to the UK to develop his skills by learning from tailors on ‘The Row’. His first job here was at Huntsman where he specialised in the creation of waistcoats, before moving on to Benson & Clegg where he has been a fixture since 1986 – our longest serving member of staff.