Personal Tailoring

Our personal tailoring service sits neatly between our bespoke and ready to wear offering, providing you with a personally tailored suit or a garment made to your own specifications.

You will have a fitting with one of our skilled advisors who will guide you with process to ensure that your garment reflects your requirements.

The finest personal tailoring

Browsing through our extensive range of cloth and lining you will be guided to ensure that the perfect durability and weight of cloth is selected for your needs. Once you have chosen your fabric, a full set of intricately precise measurements will be taken to ensure the perfect fit, taking into account your unique build and posture.

You will also have the opportunity to choose the finer details of the suit, such as the style, pockets, buttons, and much more. Once these details have been collated, we then begin construction of the suit, a process which takes approximately six weeks.

On completion, you will be invited to a final fitting here at Benson & Clegg where the suit will be assessed for any final adjustments that may be required in order to ensure the perfect fit.

Personal tailoring provides you with a personally tailored suit made to your own specifications.

Oliver Cross

Bespoke Features

  • Unlimited fabric choice
  • Unlimited Lining Choice
  • Style Choice
  • Choice of Pocket Styles
  • Inlays for Future Enlargement
  • Individual Attention by Experienced Cutter
  • Real Horn Buttons
  • Working Cuff
  • Padded Lapels
  • Hand Finished in London
  • Floating Three Piece Natural Canvas

Number of Fittings


Experience Great Tailoring

To make an appointment to be fitted, or just to discuss your requirements more in depth, then please e-mail our Head Cutter Oliver Cross or telephone us.