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Benson & Clegg

Fleur De Lys (Black Enamel) Blazer Button Set (Double Breasted)


A lasting emblem of faith, unity and the purity of life, the Fleur De Lys motif has been used in heraldry and ornamentation for over a thousand years. Its use spread far beyond France, into religion, fashion, furnishings and countless organisations across the world.

A superbly crafted blazer button made in England following British traditions established in the 18th century.

Single breasted sets contain 3 large and 8 small buttons.

Double breasted sets contain 6 large and 8 small buttons.

Large Buttons: 2.0cm
Small Buttons: 1.5cm

  • Made in England
  • Gold plated finish
  • Supplied in a stylish presentation box