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Benson & Clegg

UK Scottish Lion Pound Coin Cufflinks (RARE)


One of Benson & Clegg's most prestigious offerings are our wonderful selection of decoratively enamelled authentic coin cufflinks. An extensive and varied selection of carefully crafted coins sourced from all across the globe.

All cufflinks are made from genuine coins, with each coin backed by a sterling silver fitting and then painstakingly and precisely hand-decorated by our skilled artists. These cufflinks encapsulate both history and style, creating truly unique pieces of menswear.

Please note that the dates shown on the coin cufflinks may vary and are intended for illustrative purposes only. If you require a specific year to be shown please contact us directly.

  • Crafted using a real coin
  • Sterling silver T-bar fitting
  • Hand decorated using the finest enamel colourings
  • Supplied in a stylish presentation box
  • Made in England