Benson & Clegg has been tailoring bespoke garments for over 75 years and have earnt a reputation for creating the very best suits that can be found in the Savile Row district. We have an expert and experienced team of cutters, pressers, coat and trouser makers all working to create the finest hand made English clothes.

Savile RowBespoke

We fully meet the requirements of the Savile Row bespoke association which state:

    Technical: Savile Row Bespoke firms should:

  • Individually cut a paper pattern produced by a Master Cutter
  • Have personal supervision of production by the Master Cutter
  • Have cutters and Tailors trained to the exacting standards of Savile Row
  • Typically create a two-piece suit almost completely by hand - with at least 50 hours of hand work

    Service: Savile Row Bespoke firms should:

  • Provide an expert cloth consultant on the premises
  • Offer a choice of a least 2000 fabrics to the customer, which may include a range of exclusive cloths
  • Retain full customer records and order details
  • Provide first-class after care for garments including sponging, pressing, repairs and button matching

Every aspect of style and finish are yours to specify and the result is as individual as you are.

Mark Gordon