Tips From The Tailor

Tips From The Tailor

Commissioning a bespoke suit is an exciting and momentous occasion, especially if it is your first. But for some, the whole process can seem overwhelming. Benson & Clegg’s Head Cutter and sartorial expert guides you through the key elements to consider when embarking on the most exciting of style journeys.

Be Inspired
Firstly, know your build. On occasion, I have had clients wanting to look like David Gandy but they have a completely different aesthetic. I always suggest that my clients take inspiration from public figures whose style they admire but who also have a similar build. Gather images and create a mood board. Not only will it act as a guide as to how you will look in a suit but it makes the process more enjoyable and creative.

Cloth Is Key
If it is your first bespoke commission then I recommend being conservative when it comes to cloth choice. A cloth that is subtle and appropriate for your lifestyle is key. A classic grey or navy is the go to choice and is very adaptable. However, if you’re looking for something a little more daring then perhaps consider a subtle pattern such as a Prince of Wales check which, once again, is timeless.

Substance Over Style
Above all else, the cut is the most important element of a bespoke suit. I understand that fashions dictate what people wear. I also understand that people have their own preferences when it comes to personal style, which of course I take on board. But a good tailor will suggest styling choices which are timeless. These choices should complement your frame and make you look sartorially current without appearing dated after a year or two. The Benson & Clegg house style is famed for its strong, natural shoulder, A-line waist and the subtle belly to the lapels. It’s a flattering look that enhances the wearers natural frame. You can have all the bells and whistles you want, but if it doesn’t fit as it should then what’s the point?

Patience Is A Virtue
Finally, be patient and enjoy the process! The making of any bespoke garment is an intricate process carried out by the most skilled craftsmen. Over 50 hours of hand work goes into a Benson & Clegg suit and we require at least four meetings with a client to ensure a perfect fit – so don’t rush your tailor. Equally, don’t let your tailor rush you. You want to be 100% happy with your choices so allow yourself plenty of time.

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